Perspective by Annastaysia Savage

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He stumbled forward a bit, ears ringing as the blow he just took rattled his mind and blurred his vision. He needed someplace to hide from this relentless assault and he needed to find it quick. With the enemy momentarily distracted by their partner, he took this as his one chance to go for cover. Spotting a hole, though more like a crack, in an otherwise solid wall, he crawled into the dark and ominous space. He had to regain composure, evaluate his wounds and form a plan if he was going to survive. Expecting to be enveloped in a secure spot, he was shocked to find himself sliding down a smooth, curved surface to be deposited in what seemed to be a vast and dark room. It’s a trick, his instincts told him. It was yet another trap set by the enemy to capture him, quite possibly torture him and leave him for dead. I will not lose this fight. Curling up next to the wall, he began to assess his injuries. Besides the pounding headache, his vision was coming back and with a little time, he thought he would be one hundred percent again. He silently chastised himself for allowing the enemy to get that close. Never again, he thought, I will be more diligent from now on. My cockiness almost got me killed.

Letting his legs sink him to the floor, he closed his eyes to think. I’ll just rest for a bit. I’ll rest and regain my strength and be good as new in just a bit. He seemed to shrink and melt into his surroundings as fatigue took over his body and he fell to the sleep of the dead.

When he opened his eyes again he saw only black. How long was I out? Looking around his hidey-hole, he saw only more darkness, vast and black. Not wanting panic to set in, he tried to calm himself with steady breathing and think once more. What am I going to do? I have no way of knowing if they are still out there. I have nothing to defend myself and no way to signal for help. Granted, I’m usually better at fleeing than fighting, but I can’t even see where I’m going. Rubbing his face slowly, hesitantly because of the slight pain still lingering, he began to form a plan. As he did so, he noticed the rancid smell of decaying flesh and hoped it wasn’t close by. He knew that smell. It was such a sickly sweet stench there was no mistaking it. It wasn’t some animal corpse rotting as he wished it to be, it was flesh, like his own and this made him uneasy.

Without warning, from out of the blackness came the sound of someone approaching. He held his breath as he listened closely so that he could discern something, anything, about what was coming his way. The battle of life had taught him to always be prepared, especially in times like these. Loud, heavy footsteps echoed in the darkness before stopping somewhere near, somewhere close to where he had secreted himself away. Must. Not. Be. Detected. Of course, if this is one of their traps, they already know I’m here. He tried to remain motionless; his breath held and mind going eighty miles an hour. Suddenly, a clicking noise followed by the sound of a strong hum, backed up by a weak buzzing. Then, a bright white light, a white light as intense as a nuclear explosion flashed into existence, so intense in fact that it rendered him blind. The light encompassed everything and anything. It was brighter than anything he had ever seen. Fear surged through his body with electrical speed. What is going on? The strange and unfamiliar surroundings held him rigid with alarm. It was becoming hard for him to keep his wits about him. He wiped his arm across his face where sweat had begun to bead. Is it getting warmer? Or is it my fear causing my temperature to rise? I have got to keep it together.

The buzzing noise he had heard moments earlier began to get a little louder. It is getting hotter, he thought. More sweat beaded on his body and he took notice that the footsteps had stopped. His quick assessment left him with two things; either they were drowned out by the hum and buzzing or the enemy wasn’t moving. If the temperature keeps rising at this rate, I’m going to burn up. The thought caused a chill to run the gamut of his body despite the encroaching heat. I have to get out of here even if it means blowing my cover, I have to run. Running is a hard thing to do when blind and he ran straight into a wall. Is this infernal light ever going to go away? Falling hard to the ground beneath him, he quickly picked himself up and took off again. Seconds later, he smacked into another wall of similar hardness. Taking a few moments longer this time as the blow had rendered him momentarily stunned; he picked himself up again and began to move forward. I’ve got to regain control, this place, this light, is causing me to act irrationally. He knew that was a sure way to die. Feeling his way along the wall, still blind and the temperature rising rapidly, he began to lose hope, if only for a moment. I will not give up. I will not die so easily. “Do you hear me? I will not let you win without a fight!” he shouted to his nemesis in the blindness of this bright, ever hotter world.

As the heat began to sap his strength, he ran full force towards nothing in particular and in a strange twist of fate, ran into someone. Fear prickled his being again as he realized this was the source of that horrid stench. A body lay face up beneath him. Since he no longer possessed the luxury of sight, he felt the corpse and realized from its state of decomposition it had been dead for at least a week. He also noticed that it was burned, cooked almost, and he knew at that moment if he didn’t get out of there, his body would be dealt a similar fate. Fumbling around, he detected another body, a fresher one that had most recently just given up its fight for life. What kind of people are these? And what kind of trap… what kind of torture prison did I fall into? Pulling himself up onto unsteady legs, the heat ever more intense, he moved slowly feeling for a way out. The high temperature was pulling him down. He wanted to give up. This was too much, too big a battle for someone who can’t see. His skin began to burn and singe a little making him nauseous. He ran blindly, anywhere and everywhere. Hitting walls, falling, getting up again, he kept on fighting for his life. Bruised, broken and panicking as his skin began to peel, his will to live gave him a little adrenaline. With one last surge of energy, he flung himself up and forward in the hopes of breaking through the walls that held him. In the fuzzy semi coma the impact and rising heat had put him in; he thought he heard voices below him somewhere in the radiant white killing brightness. Is it the angels come to take me away, I am dying aren’t I? Though blind, he could see the dark outline, shadows, of his captors who held him prisoner in this death trap. His world began to slowly spin counterclockwise as he lost consciousness.

“It’s about time you cleaned those dead bugs outta the light, they’re gross,” the woman said to the man as he unscrewed the glass cover from the light fixture, “and hang some fly strips or something,” she continued, “I’m getting tired of swatting them all the time.”

“I wanted to wait ‘til they were all dead,” the man replied, “Look, there’s still one buzzing around in there. Oh, wait, no, he just keeled over.”

“What amazes me is how they get in there in the first place, I mean, I never see them go in, there’s nowhere for them to go in. I only ever see their dead bodies silhouetted between the light bulb and light cover. And why don’t they go out the same way they got in?” the woman puzzled to her mate.

“Insects are stupid babe, otherwise, why would they let themselves die in the light like that? I mean, c’mon, why they would even go in there in the first place is a mystery to me,” replied the man.





Introduction of The Remedy

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The Introduction



After all the end of the world doomsday predictions 2012 came and went, in 2013 the asteroid predicted had arrived. However, it imploded after entering the earths atmosphere. The ash and debris fragments spread over North America, Canada, and the Hawaiian Islands. The majority landed in Northern California in the Santa Cruz Mountains. That is when it began, the genetic mutations. The United States government quickly isolated those affected, in the U.S. A remedy was adopted from the plasma of the mutated ones, most soon recovered. Soon it was discovered, that the cure needed a cure. A re mutation occurred, some of the inoculated persons could not process nor filter out, The Remedy.

An Ode of an Undine by Zen Perona

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AN ODE OF AN UNDINE A story about an Undine – The Lady In The Water, also known as a water nymph. There are so many stories about them. They are closely related to the Selkies, Mermaids and other creatures of the deep. Here’s my ode to such a devilish beauty…

Beware! What lies beneath? She sleeps in the depths of oblivion She lies waiting in the abyss Her pale blue skin is covered with algae While her hair is made of seaweed and moss Her eyes are green, they glimmer under the sea Shells cover her body parts while corals grow around her Her stomach growls, she feels hungry again The urge to taste flesh creeps in She smells blood nearby, she senses someone drawing near A shadow cast above the shipwreck where in the abyss she sees clear It’s another human she said, it’s another man! With an evil smile on her face, she smirked as she swam closer She went out of her dwelling, she went seeking him more She changed her form and went on disguise, as a strange looking fish this was her lie The man unsuspecting, he didn’t know what lay there He did not know of the dangers the adventure would implore His curiosity might kill him, his freedom might suffocate him The big blue was filled with wonders he can ever hold It makes him happy, it makes him long for so much more As he went deeper and deeper, he saw something swimming by He wasn’t afraid even if the creature was nearby It swam with him but it kept it’s distance From afar, he could see it’s scales and fins A strange creature he said to himself but he was happy, he wanted to touch it He never thought of the danger, he never thought of anything else He was at peace with nature, he was one with the elements The creature went nearer, it was already beside him As he reached out for it, it did not shy away It went closer and closer until the distance became awkward and the space was alarming The creature wasn’t showing hostility or anger, he even thought it was smiling But in an instant it changed into it’s hideous form A beauty so enchanting, a beauty whose heart is cold She was no longer the creature whom he has seen before Before he knew it, it was too late This creature has trapped him, her gaze he found so tender He was smitten, he was paralyzed, he couldn’t move his feet So with a smile on his face, he went down to the abyss Where this monstrous she-hag went with a devious plan in place There she awaited him with excitement, her sharp fingers and teeth  Alas! The poor man has fallen to his underwater grave His fate was sealed and doomed by this monster that he thought was pure He has fallen to the likes of an enchantress as deadly as poison can be With one last look she devoured him, she consumed him to the core His painful screams could not be heard as he heard his heart beat it’s last A tear fell on her cheeks as the water run red for this is her life, this is her misery!

Experience Zen, Gallery 2, by Zen Perona

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Experience Zen, Gallery 1, by Zen Perona

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Solitude of Suffering

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“Markus,Markus, come here?” She asked as she took in deep breaths of air.

“Do not be afraid I only wish to converse with you.” I slowly began to step forward toward her. My feet splashed in the small puddles of water, on the half cement and half earthen floor. The only light in the basement was from the rear door, which lied directly behind her. There was absolutely no other way out, but through her. She could see the uneasiness in my body language.

“That’s right come here child, come here?” The very site of her repulsed my core, yet something deep,deep, inside of me needed her acceptance, and maybe… even her…love.

With each step, I became that much closer to being within her clutches. She forced a calmness, to her appearance, but that was no calmness, only carefully subsided hidden rage.

“I need you to come into the house upstairs and assist me. Won’t that be nice?”

“Yes ma’am.” When I reached her, she turned about, and walked toward the door. She stood outside of the entrance. I thought she intended to lock me in for a longer amount of time. Her hand motioned me out into the sun.

Stepping out of the cold muddy rat infested basement into the sun felt invigorating, and warmed my bones. The sun glared into my eyes, they could not adjust even to the house lighting, was almost unbearable. It was a relief to not be bitten by the rats all night.

“Follow me Markus.” I knew what was coming, and I also if I did not, the basement would be my dwelling much sooner than I had expected.

Into the house deceivingly cheery and brightly lit. The walls were covered in pinks, lilacs, lavender, and spicy plums, with sky blues, in areas for certain types of guest. The rest of the house was dark, dismal, dreary, and black. Everything was in meticulous order, and not one spec of dust anywhere. A violin sat on the coffee table.

“Upstairs please?” We entered the bedroom. She stood at the entrance of the doorway waiting for me to walk in. She then closed the door. All three dead bolts were locked, along with the 4 sliding chains, and a two by four reenforcement slid across the width of the door. The windows upstairs were barred as downstairs, there was no escape.

“Stand by the bed.” She said calmly yet in a firm demanding instructional tone. I could feel each step of her four inch heels thump the floor inside of the hot stuffy

room. Then, she turned her back to me only inches away from my person.

“Unzip my dress.”


“Yes ma’am!”

“Yes ma’am!”

“Now unlatch my bra.”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Now be silent and obey all of my commands.”

“Slip off my dress. Take off my panties. Pull them all the way off. Now command me onto the bed.”

“Get onto the bed.” I said wearily,being obviously difficult.

“Now, I know that you can say it better than that!”

“Get onto the bed!”



“That’s right call me bitch.”

“Bitch get onto your knees, on all fours, bend over bitch!”

“Yes daddy whatever you say.” She began to moan, placing her fingers inside of her woman hole, and then placing them into her very own mouth.

“Come here Markus? Taste. Taste of me. Do you like it? I shook my head in agreement.

“Come to me ,to the edge of the bed? Now stand behind me. Do you like my ass? I shook my head yes again in agreement.Never ever question my authority over you. You are mine I own you. You are my slave, and do whatsoever I command. Now that you have come forth from the darkness of the basement, you are to address me as Mistress. Look at my ass,stare at it, fantasize of it.” She moved it back and forth in a swaying motion, from side to side. An eerie silence filled the room the hot and muggy room. My body was uncomfortably close to hers. That is when she said it. She said the dreaded ritual.


“Yes Mistress.”

“I want you to kiss my ass. Kiss it all over. Lick the crack.

Spread me open slow and place your tongue inside of me. Suck my pussy.

“Yes Mistress.” She winced with pleasure as I sighed in defeat. Before long it was over. She released me from the temporary prison, only after I scrubbed her body. We then drove in the car to Dairy Queen. She purchased me the normal ice cream Sundae. After buying the sundae we sat in the car, it was very very hot.

“Markus, I hope that your schoolwork is done. I do not want to hear that awful teacher of yours contacting me of any foul behavior, or any missing assignments.”

“Missing assignments, really?”

“Ah, ah, ah, no talk back now, shush your mouth! You do not want me to-.”

“O.k! o.k! I’ll be good! I’ll be good! Whatever you say! Just don’t do that to me please?! Please?!”

“That is more like it. O.k. I promise I will not do that to you. She said pointing her finger in my direction.

“If you play your part maybe you will be nominated.” She placed black lipstick onto her lips in the mirror. I guess I had never really look looked at her before, but she was not that bad looking. Her bright blue eyes, dark black hair those forty-four triple e breast, and that parachute out a window and survive bra that held them up. The make up that she wore was perfect pale white, black eyeliner, and under her clothes a tight form fitting leather bathing suit.

“Markus you are mine,” she said again with the sound of frustration in her voice,” you do understand that don’t you?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Now do your duty!”

“Right here!” The whole inside palm of her hand had made contact with my face before I had known what had happened.

“Wake up! Wake up! Now do it!” My head was foggy,after being struck with so much force. Her hand had made contact with my face with as much force as a construction working man driving a hammer to a nail.

” But there are people everywhere!”

“Slide over next to me and do it!” I picked my sundae up off of the floor and tossed it out of the window,and did what Mistress had instructed.

” Pretend to be looking for something on the back seat floor, and act confused. With my head peering into the back seat, my right hand moved her panties aside, and I slid my finger into her. She hugged my arm, and kissed my skin gently stroking me softly. The more my finger slid out and in, the more she enjoyed it. After her climax had occurred, she sternly ordered me to sit back down.

“Place your arms around me, hold me…hold me please?” She begged with intimate loneliness in her eyes. All my mind could think was even the torturing menacing bitch needs love too.

“Yes Mistress.

“Let’s go home and get showered up for the tonight!” Tonight! oh my goodness, no no no no no no no no nnnn, no! Help me! Anybody please, please help?! My mind screamed for actions that my mouth would not produce. The drive home, she held onto my hand, resting on the seat between us. maybe it will go well for me, at least not any basement, because he is coming home.

I went straightway upstairs to my bedroom as soon as we arrived home. Her words echoed into my heart, as I hid under the dirty clothes in my closet, praying that they don’t find me. Every so often I peeked my head out to listen for him. It was hot, sweaty and my palms were soaked. My heart beat thumped inside of my chest and there was nothing I could do.

The last time I peaked under the door, I heard his feet pounding up the steps. his shadow covered the hall light that could be scene under the door. He stood there silently. The door handle slowly began to turn. The door eerily opened slowly, and I quickly hid myself back inside of the closet. His footsteps stomped slowly through the room, to the closet door and stopped. The door opened. I could hear him breath.

“I know you are in there under the clothes. I can smell your fear. Come out boy!” He barked and I jumped of nervousness and gave up my position, where I had been crouching perfectly still, motionless, and quiet as an ant.

“Come downstairs we are all waiting for you!”

“Oh no!” I whispered to myself. He left the room. I stood up from my hidden position, disrobed and walked downstairs.

“Throughout the house was a cable system on the ceiling, on a roller. From that roller hung a chain, and from that chain was a black leather steel studded dog collar. The collar was mine. Slowly I began my decent into the dungeness dining hall.

The room was lit only by candle, with a long table at the center, and benched on both sides. A whole pig was served, garnished with apples, and one stuffed in its mouth. I entered the room. The table was full of there friends naked, even without shoes or sox. I could possibly be dessert.

“Attach the collar!” He yelled. I reached above and grabbed the collar placing it around my neck securing the locking mechanism.

“Sit down in the corner, place the paper bag over your head and suck on your thumb!” I was ordered as everyone watched silently. The feast began, I could only imagine the sounds all around me. The eating, the laughter,the moans, the sighing,the… This went on for about two hours. Everything stopped simultaneously at once, and all stood silent.

“Bring forward the boy!” The cable system circled the dining hall table. A large woman jerked me up out of the corner, and snatched the paper bag from off of my head. The room full of naked people stood and stared at me. All were wearing pseudo vampire teeth with false blood poured onto their bodies.

“Line up everyone!” The fat woman yelled. I then stood at the beginning of the tables head seat. All of the guests were across the table from me. They all stared at me with apprehensive anxious anticipation. I could feel there hunger and thirst for me as if I were the last drop of water on earth.

“Round and round and round we go three times circling if caught anything goes. On your mark, get set, go!” The chase began. All of the vampire like people single file chasing me around this large dining hall table as Mistress played the violin. The consequences of becoming captured prey,were disastrous.They did not catch me that night! I was disconnected from the collar afterward and then placed into the punishment box, for the night. The punishment box was a chest.

In the morning I was released for school. The chest did not afford me the comfortability of sleeping well. In the midst of class, I would fall asleep and wake up screaming. The school psychologist was called in for immediate emergency psychotherapy. Immediately, they removed me from the school, by ambulance, with that last outburst of mine, to John Michaels Institution. The sedation I was given, allowed me the rest of two whole days, that is when I was awakened by the doctor.

The Dr. was a gorgeous voluptuous blonde upon whose very presence, I gained an erection, instantaneously as soon as she would enter the room. She dressed in slacks a sweater and a gold chain, with her hair pinned up. We began intensive therapy.

“Markus,” she said as she sat down into the chair,I sat on my bed, in the small but cozy one window bedroom.

“I want you to lie down under the cover and get comfy cozy o.k.”

“O.k.” She reached her arm out and softly caressed my face with her gentle soothing hands.

“Markus, why do you have an erection now?”


“Yes honestly.” there was no hiding it lying flat on my back with this thin quilt.

“You turn me on.”

“What is it about me that arouses you?”

“Your full lips and sexy ass eyes.”

“O.k. I would like for you to try not to think of that now o.k.”

“Yes ma’am.”

“No, call me Sapphire that is my first name.”

“Yes Mrs. Jensen.”

“My name is not Mrs. Jensen.”

“Why sure it is Mrs. Jensen.” She brushed that off and continued.

“Now Markus,how old are you?”


“Where do you live?”

“Two hundred twelve Tyler Ave. Phoenix Arizona.”

“Who do you live with?

“Him and her.”

“O.k. now continue to breath deeply. Are you happy at home?”


“Only sometimes?”


“What is it that makes you happy?”

“When she is on top of me.”

“You have had sex?”

“Yes a lot.”

“With who Markus?”


“And what of him?”

“No! He is the punisher!”

“Calm down Markus.”

“Their chasing me! Their chasing me! No! No! No! No!”

“Orderly C917 hypo stat! This will calm you! There there now be still still.”

“Please,please, don’t let them leave me! Don’t let them leave me!”

“I don’t understand Markus. Leave you? Calm down sweetheart. She gently held me in her arms like a lil’ baby. Shush shush it will be o.k. Your teachers say grand great things of you. They say you have only been here for a few months, and when you are not waking up screaming, that you are the sweetest boy. Mrs. Jackson says that you are very quiet, mannerly,and helpful. You are not like the other children. You are never mean or cruel or even spiteful at all. She says that you will help the other children in your class before you will even do for yourself. You give away a part of your lunch when another child is still hungry. Mostly, that you help the children that are bullied. Even that there was a time, that you allowed yourself to be beaten, just so another child could be left alone for the day.”

“I have never had any friends before then Mrs- I am sorry Sapphire. I have been… I have been… alone. I have been alone for a long time. When you leave Mrs. Sapphire make sure that you lock the windows too. He will come, and take me. If he takes me, no one will see me again for years. I must be nominated.” I mumbled that part to myself.

“Markus, what do you mean, years, and nominated?”

“I can’t tell you, and if they find out that I have told you. They will place me in there.”

“In where?”

“A place that I do not get to leave for a very, very, very, long, long, long time. All alone in the dark. Ms. Sapphire do you know what it is like to be afraid so long that you forget what fear is? You just lose yourself. No light, no friends, no television, no radio, and worst of all, no sound, no sound at all, to be truly all alone. No matter how much you scream, knowing that no one can hear you ,and no one anywhere is coming to help you. You don’t break Ms. Sapphire you become bent, you bend in the direction of the forced darkness to survive.”

“Markus, that has to be the biggest I don’t know what I have ever heard. Who did this to you?”

“Them, him and her.”

“Who is them, him and her? Orderlies! Lock the window in here from the outside! There, you are totally safe and secure o.k.”

“This is not just something to make up Ms. Sapphire. I am not lying. I would not wish that on my own worse enemy. But there is something that you don’t know.” Her eyes opened wide with interest to hear what I would divulge now.

“A long time ago, did you treat a young Gothic girl dressed in black leather?”

“How would you know of that?!” Ms. Sapphire responded sharply.

“That was a long long time ago. A young trashy whore, who had a child. A child named! It can’t be! I ‘ve changed my name, died my hair, had cosmetic surgery!”

“We know who you are Ms.Sapphire. Mom and Dad you can come in now!” The door slowly opened and him and her came in. Both dressed in all black with blood on there faces and false vampire fangs, carrying a coffin, him in the front, and her in back.

“No! No! It can’t be! I had you locked away years ago!”

“Didn’t they tell you that I had escaped? Looks to me you changed your face and name, but I know who you are. The first time you were called to the school to counsel Markus I knew who you were. You did not recognize me. I know that you know who I am now. I am that trashy little whore who was fucking your husband then, and I am still fucking him now. Ain’t that right honey?”

“Yeah babe.”

“You tried to split us up! You sent him to prison, on trumped up charges, and me to a padded cell in that mental institution. Poor Markus went away to foster homes, and they abused him! Was it worth it bitch? We were and are still in love! So what he didn’t want you any more! You really flipped when we had Markus! You though that you had destroyed us. You thought that you had torn us apart! We languished in darkness without one another, and now it is your turn!”

“Help?! Help?! Anybody please please orderly help me?! Help meeeeeeeeeeeeee?!”

“The coffin had four latches that sealed air tight. A whole where food would be fed through a tube. It had an open whole at the bottom for defecation, and a oxygen pump bolted onto the side.

“Someone will see!”

“No they won’t bitch! We already killed the night guards, both orderlies, and all the patients are locked in their rooms.” Mother said calmly.

“You knew all along Markus you knew!” Ms. Sapphire said,and then ran into the corner sucking her thumb in a crouched position shaking.

“Please?! Please?! I ‘m sorry, have mercy?!”

“No!” Mother yelled, she began to walk closer to Ms.Sapphire, very slowly, savoring her torment. Watching her tears flow. Enjoying every moment of her panicked psychotic state of fear.

“I’ll give you anything, anything you want! I have money! In the morning, we can go to the bank!” Ms. Sapphire became more and more frantic. She cried, sobbed, and begged. My mother would hear none of it. Mother motioned for dad to come away from his guarding position at the door. His hulking gigantic body moved toward Ms. Sapphire.

“Frank, put her in the coffin.”

“No! No! No! No! No!” Frank took his time, which made the Dr. so much more nervous in anticipation. She placed her back against the wall, feeling for the window, only to discover that it was locked.

“Ms. Sapphire don’t you remember, you had the orderly to lock it from the outside.” I mentioned to her in a matter-of-fact way, coyly.

“Dammit you set me up! You set me up! I tried to help you!”

“You hurt my mother and my dad Ms. Sapphire! You took me away from my mother! Now we will take you away from all that you love!” I screamed at her!

“You are all degenerates! Your own mother fucks you!

“That we may be,Sadist Masochist, and freaks, to you, but we have got each other. You have no one, and you shall have no one. You will remain inside of this coffin. Without movement, without light, and without friend, for as long as we choose, or until we tire of feeding you, or providing air. I will be happy to know, of your solitude of suffering.” My mother had had her say.

“Time to go Ms. Sapphire!” I taunted. Looks like I have been nominated to not be in your position.

“You did a great job baby. Kisses.” My mother said to me. Frank then grabbed Ms. Sapphire kicking and screaming and gently placed her into the coffin.

“Wait wait! What are the holes for?!”

“We have rats in the place where your going, and from time to time, we want them to come in here and say hello to you. Yes we do. My mother said in a baby tone to the Dr. as Frank sealed the latches closed.

“Come on Frank, off to the basement.” We all left whistling happiness. Ms. Sapphire is still with us today seven and a half years after that night. She was finally released from the coffin. We now chase her around the table, with the dog collar attached to her neck. She’ll never leave, we enjoy her suffering tremendously. Beware of the hurt you cause someone in life. You never know what on earth they will do to you, to right a wrong. Does your home have a basement?”

Torn From Innocence The Bullies Victim

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Page by page I assimilate the transition, the introduction, of my life, when born not a thing was missing. Kicking and screaming my mothers eyes gleaming.

Proud pops marveled at what his cock had produced, The seed he had planted had now grown into fruit.

They took me home warm bundled and secure. Nuzzled against the breasts of my mother, my first feelings that were sure.

Family arrived and all were styling, monsters with open mouths gaping called smiling.

Love was given and reassurances felt. Joy, laughter, and fear unknown, this place of innocence this place called Home.

Movement came easy, toying watching bubbles, when I first learned to crawl, I discovered that thing called trouble.

The pain that it caused, those that loved, took their love back, when I made my own decisions, my hand was subsequently smacked.

Stumbling came, and eventually walking, Dada and Mama, the beginning of talking.

This world was consistent protected and all, four years had passed by and September brought fall.

School began and friends were made. Now strange monsters gaping teeth, were to instruct me on how to behave.

No slaps were given, only a single finger pressed softly to mouth, a command to represent the precursor to a time out.

Loss of love no companion to speak to, this is the discipline applied when I don’t do what you say do.

Panic attacks, anxiety as I sit on my hands and wait. When that monster called teacher turns away, I will escape.

Better yet why not now, for no slap is given here, I will only be instructed to sit down.

Some children are mean for no apparent reason, they repeat their meanness repeatedly, must find a way to defeat them.

What can I do? This place is not like home . I can’t runaway and I can not use the phone.

Wait until I get older, I will show them you’ll see. They should have never made me sit in time out, and did nothing, while some kid’s were repeatedly mean to me.

At home I tell mother, her response, don’t fight go and tell the teacher. Mother does not understand, I can’t stand that hideous creature either.

Another year of grade school, six more years of that, and now on to junior high. I’m a little bit taller now, I have discovered the whens and hows of lies.

Parent’s and kid’s do not want to here the truth as it is, now I get picked on worse, oh my goodness I hate those kids.

My parents take me to church where all are mostly happy and nice. Why is it not like that dealing with everyone else in life?

People are cruel and everyone wants to be seen. I wear glasses and I am skinny, people call me names that are obscene.

What happened to those smiling faces, and nudging into mothers warm cozy breasts. My dad tells me to stand up and be a man, suck in your gut and stick out your chest.

If only he knew the horror shame and disgrace. The urinated toilet bowls where eighth graders washed my face.

I only did what mother taught to go and tell the teacher. Now I’m marked as a snitch, and a four eyed pimpled face creature.

Ninth grade finally came now I am in high school. Contacts replaced my glasses well, also I look somewhat cool.

Teachers pet I have become, glee club and drama class. It is the only place that seemed safe, free from shoes that kick my ass.

The assaults became worse, slaps as I walked down the hall. I had grown a few more inches in height and now I was skinny and tall.

Some kids throw me around. I laugh to keep myself from crying. How long must this go on sometimes I feel like dying.

What’s the use and where is the love? That is when it happened Bonnie Frank gave me a hug.

She held me as I cried my tears and wiped them all away. Bonnie said that she cared for me, and honestly for her I felt the same.

Bonnie was in the band and the dance team, she said that she liked that I was tall and that my hands were as big as could be.

One day we talked after school. We hung out outside. Bonnie’s mother came to pick her up. Bonnie told me to go run and hide.

This puzzled my brain I asked her the next day, “what was the problem boo?” Bonnie said, “my mother would freak out if she knew that I was with you.”

The children left me alone, it’s as if Bonnie Frank gave me status. Like all of my toilet bowl swirly days vanished, poof, gone disappeared like a magicians magic.

Illusions of confusion were now a thing of forgotten. My mother noticed when she saw Bonnie Frank and I together,” son something smells rotten.”


” Mother whatever could it be?”

” Did you stop to think that maybe she is setting you up.”

” No mother you are talking nonsense, Bonnie Frank loves me, and I love her, and that is what’s up.”

” Son she is beautiful, and I am not saying that you are not, but is she not that chic, who usually dated jocks? So what does she see in you, you are skinny, and tall as a tree?”

” Mother leave me alone your just mad Bonnie Frank loves me!”

” I don’t think that you should see her again!”

” No mother no!”

” If I see you around that girl again you will be on punishment, and no phone!”

I walked away crying and sobbing silently wishing that mother would die, Burying my face into my pillow,that graciously heard my cry.

Talking into my pillow as if at church for confession. I know what I will do, I’ll teach her a lesson.

The next morning I got dressed for school, sneakily out of the door I crept. Deflating mothers air out of her cars tires until there wasn’t any left.

Dad had left earlier, now she will have to catch the bus. Mother should not have forbidden me from seeing my wonder, my joy, the apple of my eye, in my life. Bonnie Frank means the universe to me and all in it, one day she will be my wife.

Two kids and a house, her husband her spouse. When we are all alone, and our kids are gone, I am going to put my private inside of her mouth.

The things I imagine fantasizing of Bonnie, waiting for the moment, for her to put it on me.

School was going well up until the third period rage, two boys had got into a fight and I was accidentally kicked in the face.

My contact cut into my eye and no ambulance did arrive, the school called my mother for the emergency, she had no air in her tires to drive.

My eye became infected by the time mother came, she asked did I know anything about her car, lies filled my brain.

The ambulance finally showed up we went straight to the emergency room and dad came and took us home. Where I cried again into my confessional pillow all alone.

The morning came and once again Bonnie wiped away my tears. She told me to stop crying, that a man should not drop any tears.

Bonnie invited me to a party with everyone popular at school. Without a second thought, I told her sure babe that would be cool.

We kissed goodbye and she had a sexy look in her eyes.

“Bring a condom baby tonight is going to be a big surprise.”

I went home and asked mother she immediately said no to the party. Mother said that she had a bad feeling, a woman’s intuition of something naughty.

The evening came and mom and dad went to bed as usual at nine. Out of the window I crept, to the drugstore, now waiting in line.

Condoms check, breath mint check, hair, clothes, check, time to go and get to the party, and finally have some sex.

When I walked in all the music stopped. Bonnie was nowhere in site, in the center of the room were two high school bullies dressed up like cops.

“Seize him!!!” I quickly looked around. Before I knew it I was handcuffed and stuffed in the closet upside down.

The party went on for hours as the blood rushed to my head. Crying into the imaginary confessional pillow wishing I were dead.

Things grew quiet as the laughs subsided wondering had they forgotten about. That is when the closet door opened and Bonnie Frank yelled,” let him out!!!”

The football players grabbed hold of me, lay me flat on my back, on the ground, my face covered I listened intently for any kind of a sound.

My mind going crazy, as I felt three bodies sit atop of my body to keep me from getting up. My face cover was then removed, and that was cool, yet over my face stooped a hovering butt.

This was no man, that I could tell with my one good eye. It was a woman’s vagina, with blond curly hairs, and a tampon string dangling on the side.

My heart was pounding inside of my chest, as if I had run a marathon race. Gas erupted and brown chunks spewed out splashing onto my face.

Roaring laughter followed as the entire party encircled closer to watch.When the excrement had finished, three football players jerked their ejaculation onto my face with their stiffened cocks.

Everyone left and the last one there, was Bonnie Frank wiping her butt, and calling me a square.

” We never liked you, you are dumb as fuck! That is why I shitted on your face, this whole relationship was a great big fake set up.

Tears fell no more as I walked home and woke my mother up to I told you so,and dad chiseling off the handcuffs.

The next day arrived and rain poured on my window,and my soul all day. It was Saturday, the night came,and not one word did I say.

Sunday came and went, as I snuck into my dads closet, beautiful treasures did I find there, as a thief I robbed it.

Monday morning came and I confessed into my pillow, dressed up in my best, sure to impress, and off to school I did go.

First period came and Bonnie Frank sat down, I blew her brains out and then I sat back down.

The children all ran, as I sat my dads gun onto the desk. Silently waiting for the police to show up next.

My trial was brief. I pleaded guilty to all charges. I was the first teen ever sentenced to death. Now my life will end as it started.

Smiling faces of monsters bring me my food. In a world consistently protected and all, bars and guards, a padded room with high walls.

The one thing here that reminded me of home was nudging my face against my cell mates breasts as he made me his own.

Also I was given a pacifier of sorts to suck on, beaten in my face every night, and at the early rising of every dawn.

Now I miss my pillow the confessional into which I cried, now my backside was my cell mates pillow wherewith he placed his penis inside.

My illusions of life are realities nightmares. This a dream I can not wake up from, there is nowhere to go from here.

Death awaits my entrance for me to land in its awaiting arms as I landed into life. All I ever wanted was to be loved, and make friends that treated me right.

Bye Bye world merciless vacuum of insignificant magnificence. Now I sit in time out again, without a friend, Torn From Innocence.


Thank you,

The Bullies Victim






















Coming soon from Mark G Melvin.


The Confessional SINS

Three Yarnz of ex-priest Michael David Martin turned atheist,

giving an accurate account of three persons lives SINS.